Together We Can!

Project description

"Together we can!" aims to promote democratic and human rights values in Ukrainian civil society. The project builds on best practices of all partners and brings them together in a training programme that enables active young people to become role models and peer multipliers in their regions. They acquire online and offline skills for democratic participation and advocacy activities to support civil society.

Permanent structures of cooperation are formed through a combination of training, roundtables and awareness raising events as well as online offers. Strengthening active young people who work locally for democracy and human rights creates sustainable structures that anchor values of pluralism, human rights and open dialogue in society. This increases the visibility of civil society actors both in Ukraine and in Europe as a whole. With “Together we can!” young people are given the opportunity to develop their skills, form networks and develop their own projects.  Furthermore, the project addresses both different local conditions and the need for cross-cutting networking through social media channels. With the combination of on- and offline strategies, networks created during the project as well as professional and methodological products secure impact beyond the life of the project. With a blog cafe method developed within the project, young activists will continue to exchange information with each other and keep the attention of a broad public for their concerns. “Together we can!” thus trains young people in fostering democracy and focuses on the future design of civil society in Ukraine.

Financed by the Office of Foreign Affairs

Project partner

TEA - The Anti-discrimination Education Society, Poland
UHR - Ukrainian Human Rights Foundation, Ukraine