National projects

Distanz (2015-2019)

Trainings for youth at risk of radicalisation and a locally based center for the prevention of radicalization.

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EXchange Brandenburg

Mobile measures for prevention and deradicalization in prisons and probation.
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Inclusive youth culture workshops in Berlin, Germany. Further information (in german)

Kompetenznetzwerk Rechtsextremismusprävention

Cultures Interactive is one among five partners within a national network for the prevention of right-wing extremism.

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Narrative Gesprächsgruppen

Holistic political education at schools in rural and small-town areas. Further information (in german)

Orientierungshilfe für Jugendämter zu Kindeswohl im Kontext (islamistisch) radikalisierter Familien

Professional orientation of child and youth services for work with children and young people from radicalized family environments.

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Cross-phenomenal political (youth culture) education to strengthen human rights and democratic attitudes
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Radical, fundamentalist, different - professionals in contact (RaFiK)
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