Alapitvany A Nepirtas Es Tomeges Atrocitasok Nemzetkozi Megelozeseert

The Foundation is committed to the implementation of the norm Responsibility to Protect and the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide all over the world. It focuses on addressing the contemporary challenges, developing preventive capacities and capabilities and disseminating the culture, practice and skills of dialogue.

hu 1118 Budapest

Associação Juvenil Synergia

SYnergias work is based on values such as justice, solidarity, responsability, cooperation and social conscience. The cooperative seeks to value young, sportive and social culture and is involved in several projects.

pt 4715-06 Braga

Association Dialogue Citoyen

fr 31370 Rieumes

Ayuntamiento de Málaga

es 29016 Málaga


BE YOU is an association in the center of Portugal, far from urban centers, which seeks to capture potential opportunities, projects and solidarity and integrating ideas for the region through sport, health, tourism and nature.

pt 3660-330 Penacova

Centar E8

rs Beograd

Center for the Study of Democracy

The Center for the Study of Democracy is a European public policy institute dedicated to the values of democracy and market economy. CSD's work combines research with policy advocacy for piloting social innovation and institutional reforms in a number of areas in both Bulgaria and Europe.

bg 1113 Sofia

Centrum Kommunitného Organizovania

The Centrum Kommunitného Organizovania is a non-governmental organization that provides assistance to activists of civic initiatives and to communities to ensure better that they become a part of the decision making processes in local, regional and national governments.

sk 96001 Zvolen


CESIE is a European study and initiative center influenced by the work and theories of sociologist Daniolo Dolci.

it 90133 Palermo

CUKUNFT Jewish Association

CUKUNFT Jewish Association is a non-governmental association which aims to educate about jewish culture and to fight against antisemitism, racism, discrimination and all forms of social exclusion.

pl 53-671 Wrocław

European Peer Training Association (EPTO) Aisbl

The European Peer Training Organization (EPTO) empowers young people to share their skills with their peers through training, mentoring and coaching.

be 1210 Bruxelles

Fondazione Benvenuti in Italia

Benvenuti in Italia is an advocacy group, a meeting place, as well as a research, consulting and training institution, which sees itself in the tradition of democratic and reformist thought.

it 10154 Torino

Fundacja Instytut Bezpieczenstwa Spolecznego

Fundacja Instytut Bezpieczenstwa Spolecznego provides comprehensive training and consulting in the areas of security, prevention, and radicalization, including in schools, local governments, businesses, police and other law enforcement agencies, and soccer stadiums.

pl 00-095 Warszawa

Human Rights Center Zmina

Human Rights Center Zmina is a non-governmental organisation, which aims to promote the human rights, the rule of law and the ideas of civil society in Ukraine.

ua 01054 Kyiv

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is an independent, nonprofit organization that works to protect human rights and counter polarization, extremism, and disinformation worldwide.

gb London

Institutul Roman Pentru Actiune, Instruire Si Cercetare In Domeniul Pacii

Institutul Roman Pentru Actiune, Instruire Si Cercetare In Domeniul Pacii is a politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. Based on the analysis of contemporary conflicts and events of national and global significance, PATRIR is involved in four main areas of work: peacebuilding, gender awareness and equality, conflict transformation training and peace education.

ro CJ 400306 Cluj-Napoca

Kuća dobrih tonova Srebrenica

The aim of Kuća dobrih tonova Srebrenica is to promote the development of sustainable peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to strengthen intercultural values through education, culture and other activities for children and youth.

ba Srebrenica

Mládež ulice

Mládež ulice is dedicated to social work and the provision of services for children, youth and families from mainstream and socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Bratislava.

sk 831 52 Bratislava

Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia (PDCS)

Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia is a non-governmental organization that provides training and facilitation, consulting and supervision in the areas of conflict resolution, promotion of social dialogue, citizen participation and civil society development in Slovakia and abroad.

sk 811 02 Bratislava

Partners Hungary Alapítvány

Partners Hungary Alapítvány pursue the vision of a multicultural, inclusive and open society living in harmony with its environment. They are committed to a culture of cooperation, to the application and dissemination of methods of alternative conflict resolution, as well as to the development of participatory democracy.

hu 1072 Budapest


Play2EDUCATE strengthens the development of positive relationships between young people in order to promote tolerance and strengthen resilience and to prevent group-based misanthropy as well as conflicts and violence.

xk Pristina

Political Capital Policy Research and Consulting Institute

Political Capital is an independent institute for political research, analysis and consulting that aims to raise critical political thinking and awareness of the political issues that affect citizens' everyday lives. In addition, Political Capital aims to contribute to critical public discourse.

hu 1136 Budapest

Ratolest Brno

Ratolest provides social and preventive services to children and young adults in need, as well as their families.

cz 602 00 Brno

REACH Research and Education Institute

REACH is a non-governmental organization that develops deradicalization strategies and addresses extremism and radicalization in public debate.


Towarzystwo Edukacji Antydyskryminacyjnej

TEA develops and disseminates political education around discrimination and anti-discrimination in order to contribute to a world without discrimination and violence. TEA's activities are aimed at individuals and institutions involved in school and out-of-school education.

pl 00-001 Warszawa

Turn – Verein für Gewalt und Extremismusprävention e.V.

turn conducts online streetwork projects based on authentic alternative narratives to political ideologies of inequality.


Ukrainian Human Rights Foundation

Ukrainian Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization made up of roughly 78 staff members around Ukraine. Established in 2002, Human Rights Foundation is known for its monitoring records, reportings, and for its targeted advocacy, often in partnership with local activists.

ua 19633 Kyiv


We.a.vers seeks to combat gender-based violence and discrimination through art dynamics.

es Barcelona

YMCA Dobrich

YMCA Dobrich is an inclusive, non-governmental youth organization that aims to promote the intellectual, cultural, spiritual and physical development of children and youth through culture, education, and sports.

bg 9300 Dobrich