Community Counteracting Radicalisation (CoCoRa)

CoCoRa is based on a strategic partnership between 5 European organisations from France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Denmark working in the field of preventing violent extremism. It is co-funded by the EU-Commission and lead by mhtconsult as Danish and Transnational Coordinator. The aim of CoCoRa project is to contribute to a new community-based and coproductive prevention strategy against politicial-religious radicalisation and violent extremism among young people in risk of radicalization.


  • To develop a prevention programme focused on young people´s empowerment and devotion to an active fellow citizenship
  • To involve local communities as equal partners in developing the prevention programme, involving community knowledge, confidential positions and credibility.
  • To train the young participants for an intercultural ambassadorship to engage in dialogue and coproduction with professionals in prevention activities.


2015 - 2017


Co-funded by Erasmus+