Hako_ReJu +: Exchange - Strengthening - Networking

Within the framework of the CHAMPIONs project cultures interactive offers a series of advanced training courses for youth work practitioners on the topics of group-focused enmity and prevention of radicalisation. The focus of the training is on methodology, networking and exchange between the participants. The aim of this training series is, among other things, to expand capacities, promote self-reflective and self-empowering processes and enhance the skill to change perspective. The specific needs and challenges of the practitioners from different local regions are the main emphasis of this training series, which is why it is structured in and open-process manner.

Dates Module 1: 13.+ 14.03.2020

Module 2: 17 + 18.04.2020 (Canceled due to Covid-19)

Module 3: 12.+ 13.06.2020

Module 4: 17 + 18 July 2020